Νέα Προϊόντα

My Home My Spa wallpaper 355823

40,00 50,00
Brick wall wallpaper in gray, brown and black

My Home My Spa Wall Wallpaper 385091

40,00 50,00
Wallpaper with flowers in red and green

Curtain rod Φ25 Oro Matte S17

Curtain rod metal in oro matte color (gold) Φ25

Rug Garden 65240Ν

Floral summer carpet with embossed pile in beige, peach and blue details

My Home My Spa wallpaper 383571

41,60 52,00
black brick wall wallpaper

My Home My Spa wallpaper 385042

41,60 52,00
Wallpaper with leaves and branches in beige, brown, gray & gray-brown shades with glossy texture

My Home My Spa wallpaper 386993

41,60 52,00
Wallpaper with art deco pattern, tile look, special texture in green with metallic shades

Sahara carpet 124A

Machine Carpet


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  • Roller
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    Roller blinds are a new, smart and modern globalization solution. We put them mainly in windows but also in balcony doors


Company profile

I was born on rugs, Persian woven rugs, oriental handmade rugs, woolen rugs, machine rugs. No, I am not a wanderer, like these Asian nomads, who invented and used the carpet, roughly as we know it, as early as the 3rd or 2nd millennium BC.
I am the son of Christos and Sofia Anastasopoulos and my family has been trading in carpets since 1968.
In 1982 they established their business in Corinth and have maintained it ever since, thus putting in my life the carpets, and the curtains, and the curtain rods. When the time came, for the knowledge and experience to pass from one generation to the next, it was my turn and so in the store «Anastasopoulos carpet curtain» the rollers, the blinds, the blinds, made their appearance. wallpapers, photo wallpapers, plastic flooring, laminate flooring and synthetic lawns ...

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